In case you have suffered from a damaged or broken tooth, the dentist would try their best to fix and restore it. But in situations when the damage is beyond recovery, a tooth extraction procedure would be the ultimate solution in order to ensure good dental health.

What is a tooth extraction?

The removal of teeth from its socket is termed as a tooth extraction procedure. The dentist would take an X-ray to understand the anatomy of the oral cavity and to plan out the best way to remove the tooth. Tooth removal procedures are classified into two types: a simple extraction and surgical extraction.

Simple extraction – A simple extraction procedure would involve loosening the damaged tooth with the help of an elevator and then using forceps to remove the tooth

Surgical extraction – A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure. The surgeon would make a small incision into your gums and surgically remove the broken or impacted wisdom tooth.

Simple extractions can be generally done by using a local anesthetic. Surgical extractions may require either intravenous anesthesia or a local one depending on the severity of the case.

When would you require a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction procedure is generally recommended in the following cases:

When teeth are crowded blocking other teeth from coming in.

In situations when baby teeth don’t fall out in time allowing permanent ones to grow.

When the patient is in need of orthodontic braces.

When wisdom teeth require removal.

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