A root canal is an endodontic treatment that helps repair and saves an infected tooth without having to remove it. The root canal procedure takes place in a series of steps where at first, the damaged area of the tooth gets removed and the pulp chamber is cleaned. Later, it is disinfected and sealed with a restoration which would mostly be in the form of a dental crown. Endodontic treatment is often encouraged when the pulp chamber gets infected due to a broken or cracked tooth, a deep dental cavity, or trauma.

Root Canal Treatment and Procedure

An endodontist is a specially trained dentist capable of finding the exact treatment for your failing root.

In the early days, patients suffering from diseased teeth often required complete removal of their teeth with no means to recover it. Today, root canal has given endodontists a quick and easy way of saving the patient’s dying teeth.

Generally, a diseased or infected tooth haves no ways to repair or regenerate by itself. The common cause of such degradation is a deep cavity due to broken or cracked teeth. Such breakage can lead to the entry of bacteria or infection.

A root canal therapy takes place through a systematic process of steps. During your office visits, the endodontist will perform the below steps to treat your infected pulp.

A dental examination – in case the dentist suspects that the patient would require a root canal, he/she would take X-rays to examine the tooth to identify the location of the decay.

Local anesthesia – Before carrying out the procedure, the anesthesiologist would administer local anesthesia to the point of infection

Pulpectomy – An opening is made on the surface of the tooth, creating an entry to the site of infection. With the help of an instrument, the infection is removed.

Filling – Once the infected tissues are removed from the pulp chamber, the canal is disinfected and shaped to receive the dental filling material (gutta percha).

What are the benefits of a root canal?

Benefits of Root Canal:

Virtually pain-free procedure

Cost-effective and efficient

Visually appealing

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