Dentures are dental restorations designed as a replacement remedy for missing teeth. In terms of convenience, dentures are either removable or implant supported. Depending on how they serve as a restoration for a lost set of teeth, dentures are classified either as full or partial dentures.

How do dentures function as a restoration?

Full dentures come in the form of an acrylic base that fits over the gums. The upper denture would cover the roof of your mouth while the lower denture would be placed on the lower jawbone, Your dentures can be custom-made at dental laboratories.

Full dentures

Full or conventional dentures are used as a restoration and placed in your mouth after teeth are removed and gum tissues have healed.

Immediate full dentures

These dentures are placed as soon as the remaining teeth are removed. With immediate dentures, patients need not worry about having to wait for their new set of teeth.

Partial Denture

Your partial dentures would rest over a metal framework that would be attached to your natural teeth.

Caring for Your Dentures

As you wear your brand new dentures, there are ways by which you can maintain them for them to keep functioning all the way. Here is a list of oral care tips that you can follow:

Brush your dentures to remove food and dental plaque. This will also prevent it from staining,

Do not let dentures to dry out. We can ensure this by placing them in a soaking solution or plain water.

Ensure you use a soft-bristled brush to brush your gums, tongue, and palate.

Visit your dentist once every six months.

What is the procedure to make your dentures?

Once your dentist decides what is the best type of restoration that would suit you, the process involved in getting dentures are pretty simple. It would involve the below:

The dentist would create impressions of your jaw and analyze the size of your jaw and the space between them.

A suitable wax/plastic model of the denture would be made until the final model is cast and ready to be placed.

Once the denture is ready, it would be fitted into place and adjusted.

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