Sealants or dental sealants serve as a protecting coating for the surface of the permanent back teeth (the molars and premolars) from the attack of bacteria and acids. Any kind of acid or bacterial attack can lead to tooth decay and other severe dental conditions that may compromise the gums and teeth.

When are sealants recommended?

Sealants are generally recommended for kids from the age of three. They can be applied over the chewing surface of the tooth. Sealing away the occlusal surfaces of teeth can help protect it from bacteria and food accumulation. Sealants are clear and white in nature and would have a slight tint depending on the sealant being used.

Why do we need dental sealants?

Although adequate brushing and flossing can help remove food particles and plaque from teeth surface, toothbrushes may not always be capable of reaching into each and every the groove and depression of teeth surface to extract plaque or food debris. While fluoride application can prevent decay and protect teeth surface, sealants can provide a barrier of protection for areas that are unreachable while brushing and flossing.

How are dental sealants placed?

Before applying your sealants, the surface of the teeth would be cleaned with a paste and a rotating brush after which the tooth would be washed with water and dried. An acidic solution would be placed on the area of the tooth’s chewing surface for a few seconds and would be washed off. Applying this solution would create a surface that’d quickly absorb the sealant. The dental sealant would now be applied over teeth’s surface and hardened with a UV light.

Sealants are proven to be effective for a long time. Several studies have shown that it helps prevent decay on chewing surfaces.

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